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This practice guidance has been developed by AFA Cymru following a commissioned brief from the National Adoption Service for Wales.

The aim of the practice guidance is to provide a context for the new Welsh provision of ‘foster to adopt’ contained in the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014.

In order to approach the foster to adopt provision, there needs to be an understanding of the concept, principles and practice of ‘early permanence’ planning for children, including ‘concurrency’ and, for the avoidance of confusion, English ‘fostering for adoption’ which is different from the Welsh provision.

This practice guidance will:

1)      Explain  the  different forms of permanence planning in England and Wales;

2)      Provide the policy, legal and practice framework for foster to adopt;

3)      Consider the possibilities and challenges for early permanence for children that the foster to adopt provision for Wales creates.




Download this file (NASF2Afinal.pdf)Foster to Adopt Guidance[ ]603 kB

Information below for making an application process to obtain overseas criminality information to provide to employers in the United Kingdom or to meet the requirements of the United Kingdom Immigration Rules to provide an overseas criminal record certificate in support of a visa application  



Criminal records checks for overseas applicants



Many of the children and young people who require substitute care in Wales face disadvantage in areas of their life, including health. The welfare of this vulnerable group is the primary concern of the professionals and Agencies charged with their care. Whilst acknowledging that e-cigarette use as a substitute for tobacco smoking is likely to pose a much lower level of risk to the health of the individual who switches, the Medical Group of AFA Cymru do not feel that the evidence that is currently available supports the view that they are safe and pose no risk to the current and future health of children and young people who might be placed with an e-cigarette user.

Recommendation by AFA Cymru Medical Group

For this reason, and until evidence becomes available to indicate that they are risk free products, the Medical Group of AFA Cymru hold the view that e-cigarette use by substitute carers should be considered in the same way as tobacco use, with guidance issued by CoramBAAF in practice note 51 followed from an approval / matching perspective.

Regular review of this position statement will occur in the future in light of research evidence.

For full text see attachment.

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